Location Description
Assembly The lenses are being mounted in the frame. This is nearly the final step in the process.
Canceled The order has been canceled.
Coating The order is in the coating center for an Anti-Reflective, Scratch or Mirror coating.
Contact VSPOne Lab The order requires additional information before it can be processed. Please contact the lab.
Customer Service The order is waiting in customer service because the lab has questions about the job and cannot continue production as a result.
Edit desk The order requires edits before it can successfully move through the lab.
Estimated Ship Date The estimated ship date (ESD) based on the components of the lens order, subcontract work and history of timing for similar jobs in that specific lab.
Finish The lenses are being edged to fit the frame.
Frame RECVD The frame has been received by the lab.
Frame to come/Wait for frame The job is awaiting the frame to be shipped from the practice to the lab before moving forward in the process.
In Process The order is in the production process.
Inspection The order is in final inspection. The order is at nearly complete.
Lens Order/Lens on Order
Surface/Surface digital
The lab did not have the necessary lens on hand. The lens will be ordered from the manufacturer.
The lab has started surfacing the order. The first major step in the process.
Order entry The lab has received the order and it is in the queue before production.
Preproduction The job is being prepared for production.
Shipping/Shipped The order is shipping or has shipped. Delivery time to the customer will be based on the accounts shipment method.
Stock room The lab has received the order and is picking the best lens to fulfill this order.