VSPOne® Rewards for 2016

Earning and sharing rewards is easy!

VSPOne Rewards gives you opportunities to earn and redeem points on orders placed with any VSPOne Optical Technology Center.

It's fun to earn rewards.

Earn points while you enjoy interactive activities like games and contests. You can also earn points while increasing your professional knowledge through quizzes and training.

It's simple to redeem points.

See how and when your points are earned and redeem them with ease. Our expanded catalog offers thousands of appealing choices. And our mobile-enabled Rewards site gives you the flexibility to review your account and shop the catalog via your mobile device.

It's easy to share points with your staff.

Reward your office staff by sharing VSPOne Rewards points! Once you've shared points, your staff can redeem them for their choice of gifts and merchandise. We make it easy for you to set up and manage accounts for your staff.

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